REVIEW: Abakan 2288 Kallamity’s World of Mecha Design Part One

Title: Abakan 2288 Kallamity’s World of Mecha Design Part One
Author/Artist: Luca Zampriolo aka Kallamity
Publisher: Design Studio Press
Year Published: 2011

This book by Luca Zampriolo is a great book for mecha lovers. Not only is there a backstory for the mechs, there are lots of illustrations. And most of them are in color! There are also parts that discuss the actual modeling of some of the mechs. There are pictures and they look fantastic, especially the ones with miniatures. Modelers might love those sections.

Now the design of the mechs, called the Hard Doll Machines (HDMs), themselves are mostly the heavy, industrial types. If you like bulk and weathering, there’s plenty of it–it’s like a weathering otaku’s paradise. Aside from the design being an offshoot of the story, the influence of Kow Yokoyama shows. Kow is famous for his creation, Maschinen Krieger (Ma. K Zbv3000). Fans of Kow Yokoyama might feel at home here.

If there ever was a downside to this book, it would be the construction of the sentences. Sometimes the English just feels awkward. I don’t really know, but I speculate the text was originally written in Italian and then translated into English. There also times where you’re reading a character’s story and then it seagues into the artist’s impressions. It’s a bit confusing.

Despite its flaws, the gorgeous illustrations and drawings are still worth it. Whether for reference or inspiration, it is a good book to have for mecha lovers.




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