REVIEW: SF Art Works Katoh Naoyuki

Title: SF Art Works Katoh Naoyuki: Bijou, Mecha, Powered Suits
Author: Kato Naoyuki
Year Released: 2006
Publisher: Laputa

This book features artist Katoh Naoyuki’s SF works. It is divided into 4 chapters: Space Ships, Robots, Powered Suits, Beautiful Women (Bijou).

The most interesting stuff to me are his ship designs for the Legend of Galactic Heroes. For any LOGH fan, it will be worth it. There are several pages of pictures and comments about the ships. In fact, I think this topic is the largest in the book. The powered suits are the next most interesting. A warning though: if you were expecting lots of beautiful women, you will be disappointed. The last chapter has very few pages, and very few beautiful women (they’re not even that beautiful). So don’t buy this book for the beautiful women, you have been warned. Another thing that disappoints me about this book is the small size. Not only will be the artwork small, but also the text. Those not fluent in Japanese will have a hard time with the text (and that includes me). I don’t even know if I’ll ever get to reading the whole book. ^_^;

This book is recommended for fans of Katoh Naoyuki, and also LOGH fans. Not recommended for folks who want their artworks in large sizes.


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