REVIEW: Robot Envy Zenith

Title: Robot Envy Zenith
Author: Various Artists
Year Released: 2016
Publisher: Magnetic Press
Format: Hardcover

Robot Envy: Zenith is a collection of robot art from various artists–64 artists in total. With those many artists and being in hard cover, as you can imagine the book is big, heavy, and almost an inch thick.

The style is very varied, from rendered stuff to sketches, from heavy industrial robots to cartoon-style robots. A lot of the art is full-page while some are smaller art arrangeed in a page. At the beginning is the artist’s picture, bio, and web site. Unfortunately there are no information on the design or inspiration of the robots. I might sound unreasonable for asking that, but why not include it? Just a wish of mine. 🙂

The only complaint is that I think some of the art is not sharp enough. It feels like the original size of it was smaller, so upsized the picture turns out not so sharp. But don’t worry, there’s just a few of them. Most of the art looks amazing, especially the weird ones. 😛

Verdict: Highly recommended.


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