REVIEW: Kow Yokoyama Sketchbook 60

Title: Kow Yokoyama Sketchbook 60
Author: Kow Yokoyama
Year Released: 2016
Publisher: BEAMS

Kow Yokoyama is a Japanese artist and I got interested in him because of his creation, Maschinen Krieger. So I wanted to buy his books but most of them are about the kits which I was not interested in. Unfortunately the sketchbook of his that I wanted was out of stock (or out of print already?) so I got this book instead. This is the 60th birthday sketchbook of Kow Yokoyama. There are 4 main sections: Color Section, Maschinen Krieger, Mechanical Illustration (Robot Battle V, Carnage Heart, Robot Design, Mechanical Design, Airplanes), and Character Illustration etc. Color section contains all stuff with color, and the rest of the sections are black and white sketches. There are brief descriptions of the sketches, and helpfully they are marked with letters to match with each sketch.

I bought this book for the mecha sketches, and this did not disappoint. Most of the mecha are from Maschinen Krieger, though there also abundant mecha-related sketches in the mechanical illustration section. I can imagine myself perusing these pages again from time to time for inspiration. Now what I don’t like about this book though is that the cover is exposed cardboard on the inside? I don’t know if it will turn yellow easily so that’s one thing I have to watch out for. (It could be solved by just scanning the book but yeah, that’s additional work to do.)

Anyway, if you want a taste of Kow Yokoyama’s art this is the most recent book from him that you can get (at the time of this writing). Though I don’t plan to delve into the MaK universe any deeper, so I think this will be the only book from Kow I’ll have for a while.


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